SOS Vows to Fight for South Delta Flooding Victims

Warren County, Miss. (WLBT) – Flood weary Eagle Lake residents voice their concerns with Delbert Hosemann. The Secretary of State of Mississippi got a first hand look at what they community is going through.

Hosemann prepared for this meeting with pen, paper and an open ear.

Folks at Eagle Lake sharing stories of how flooding has impacted their homes, roads and livelihoods.

Small stores and shops have closed because of the decline of traffic in the area now.

Also being affected is 16th section land. It is land used by trustee school districts to raise public education funds.

“So there’s 5000 acres I think in Sharkey, about 5000 acres in Issaquena, and another 2000 in batre land that’s on the other side of the levee that we’ve identified right away. We’re still looking further north now to see if there are other damages. Every penny that we raise off those, either for hunting, duck hunting, deer hunting or whatever, or for cutting timber goes to the school districts. Part of the education is paid for by the 16th section,” said Hoseman.

Ann Dahl, and Eagle Lake residents say Muddy Bayou overflowed at 96 and a half feet, and they now have a half hour detour they deal with because of a flooded road.

“All of these numbers, 96, 95, and you think about it would have never gotten any higher than 92. Even Eagle Lake would have been completely saved had those pumps been in place,” said Dahl.

Ann Dahl, a resident has been doing her research on the flooding. She has a home by the water. She says having pumps in the county would have alleviated the flooding issue.

Secretary Hosemann told residents to keep contacting their representatives and other public officials.

He says he’s spoken with the governor about pumps and flooding.

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