President Trump Recognizes Secretary Hosemann at Southaven #MAGA Rally

Southaven, Miss. (Y’all Politics) –

Tuesday, President Donald Trump visited Southaven, Mississippi to endorse Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith for the upcoming election in November. Hyde-Smith was appointed to the seat formerly held by Senator Thad Cochran after his retirement and is now running to keep it.

The evening began with speakers like MSGOP chairman, Lucian Smith, Congressman Trent Kelly and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. They spoke of the President’s accomplishments since taking office.

“America is safer because America is stronger. Our President doesn’t back down from our enemies,” said Smith.

As the crowd prepared for President Trump to take the stage, the official Presidential seal was placed on the podium, showing he would soon arrive.

President Trump took to the stage just before 7:00 p.m. to a loud and enthusiastic crowd.

“Hello Mississippi, hello,” said President Trump as the crowd chanted U-S-A. “Well I have to start by saying that 2020 is looking really easy.”

He emphasized the success and current state of affairs across the nation. He said more people are working than ever before, the economy is booming, and wages are rising.

“This week we made history again when I announced that we are replacing the job killing disaster known as NAFTA, with a brand-new U.S., Canada, Mexico trade agreement,” said Trump. This agreement will replace the current North American Free Trade Agreement. The new plan is to be called USMCA. The President said through this plan companies will be staying in the United States versus going oversees to manufacture products.

“We are finally putting America first,” said Trump.“I want to do what’s right for our country, this is a very important time for our country.” 

The President emphasized multiple times throughout his speech the importance of going to the polls in November to vote Republican. He said this vote on November 6th is one of the most important Congressional elections of our lifetime.

“A Democrat takeover of Congress will plunge our country into gridlock and chaos like you haven’t seen before, it will come to a halt,” said Trump.

After he spent some time discussing the importance of the Kavanaugh confirmation to the U.S. Supreme court, calling Democrats the party of crime, and reminding attendees not to trust “fake news,” he began to recognize some major Mississippi supporters of his.

He welcomed Governor Phil Bryant to the stage to say hello to the crowd, mentioned Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, Congressman Trent Kelly, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and Senator Roger Wicker to name a few. With no further ado he welcomed to the stage Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“Finally I want to introduce the person we are all here tonight to support, a true Mississippi patron, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. Senator come on up,” said Trump.

“Thank you Mr. President, and I told him, he would get a warm Mississippi welcome, and you did not disappoint,” said Hyde-Smith

She began with recognizing what an honor it is to serve as a Senator under his presidency. Hyde-Smith reminded attendees she has been a long time supporter of Trump, even before winning the election, when he was just a candidate for President.

Hyde-Smith thanked the Governor for the opportunity to serve as Senator after Senator Thad Cochran retired, and said that she is not just serving on behalf of herself, but for the people of Mississippi.

“When I was sworn in as your U.S. Senator, Vice President Mike Pence put this pin on me and said ‘Cindy, this pin will get you into any door in Washington D.C.,’ but I want you to know, this isn’t my pin, it’s Mississippi’s pin,” said Hyde-Smith

Hyde-Smith told the crowd that she and other Senators are working hard to get things done in D.C., including the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

As Hyde-Smith left the stage President Trump spent the remainder of his time reminding onlookers of the corruption he claims to see in the Democratic party, and the utmost importance of voting in the upcoming congressional race.

No Trump rally would be complete without mention of The Wall. He said work is already underway to construct the wall that would protect America’s boarders, and assured those in attendance that our “dumb immigration laws” would be changing.

“To continue our incredible momentum, you have to get your family, your friends, get your neighbors, get your coworkers, get out and vote Republican. Vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith and vote for Roger Wicker,” said President Trump.

He says a vote for Republicans is a vote for lower taxes, reducing crime and respect of law enforcement, safer communities, more products made in the U.S. A. and a vote to reject the Democratic politics of anger, destruction and chaos.

“It’s up to you to decide your fate. The future is in your hands as it was in 2016,” said Trump.

Hyde-Smith faces Republican candidate Chris McDaniel and Democrats Mike Espy and Tobey Bartee on the Nov. 6 ticket.

“We will make America great again,” said Trump.

Original Source:  Y’all Politics