Lynn Hosemann Making a Difference

Magee, Miss. (Magee News) – Lynn Hosemann, wife of Lt Governor Delbert Hosemann, is a lady with a mission. She is a feisty, intelligent, and goal orientated lady!

Lynn’s passion is all Mississippi! But, her “heart” passion is children with disabilities. As Lynn explains in her video, “I am somewhat selfish with my awareness of children with disabilities.” Lynn is grandmother to 8 grandchildren. One of her grands has non verbal autism and another with down syndrome. Quickly, Lynn was thrown into an unknown world. Being the type person she is, Lynn tackled head on the needs of the disabled. Lynn serves on the board for Canopy Children’s Solutions (a comprehensive non profit provider of children’s behavioral heath education and social service solutions.

Delbert got a good one with Lynn! The couple have been married for 52 years. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. The couple attends St. Richard Catholic Church.

Of course, Lynn didn’t miss a beat in promoting her husband in the upcoming election for another term as Lt. Governor! (I would like to think someone like Lynn would be on my campaign team!). Lynn is proud of her husband and all he has accomplished.

Following our interview, Lynn visited citizens in Magee.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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