LTG Delbert Hosemann Hears from Local Leaders During Tupelo Visit

Tupelo, Miss. (WTVA) – Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann stopped by the Community Development Foundation in Tupelo Monday morning to talk to many city leaders about what was passed in the past legislative session.

Hosemann also talked to them about what they want done.

The Lieutenant Governor commended the economic successes like cutting the state budget, eliminating debt and stockpiling funds for the future during his meeting with local leaders.

“We paid off 500 and 50 million dollars worth of debt . So, Mississippi is reducing its debt and building up its savings account and has a large rainy day fund with 700 million dollars in it,” Hosemann said.

Other successes Hosemann touted from his time as lieutenant governor include a historic teacher pay raise, the largest tax cut in state history and the largest infrastructure bill.

Your drive through the state could include passing more MDOT construction.

Road projects and site development for the next industry that chooses Mississippi to call home are on Lieutenant Governor Hosemann’s wish list.

The Lieutenant Governor believes that the bills Governor Tate Reeves signed into law, investing more than $2 billion towards transportation and infrastructure, will help residents of Northeast Mississippi.

” I want people to realize that we have programmed out for the next 3 years on infrastructure. We’re going to be building for at least the next 5 years,” Hosemann said. “Highway 15 will finally get 4 laned after all these years. So, we’re spending a lot of money on infrastructure particularly.”

Hoseman believes the future is bright for Mississippi.

“Mississippi has a really great future. Everything is positive for our state and it ought to be. We can compete with anybody, not just Alabama, we can compete with China!” Hosmann exclaimed.

During the 2023 legislative session, Hosemann is proposing a $270 million tax rebate for Mississippians, subsidizing school districts that want to adopt a modified calendar, expanding postpartum care for women in the state and supporting struggling local hospitals.

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