Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann Reflects on Successful Year

Gulfport, Miss. (WXXV) – Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann stopped by WXXV earlier today and discussed his successes throughout his term and what’s to come.

A lot has happened in Mississippi in the last four years, teachers have received a pay raise, roads are being repaved, and rural hospitals are being funded. Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann tells us how they did it. “We have paid off $550 million dollars in debt the last two years. We’re not borrowing money. And, so, what that has enabled us to do is vote the interest we would have paid in New York – to put it into education in Mississippi.”

Paying off this debt has helped Mississippi fund infrastructure. “We are actually funding infrastructure in 2025 that will be built in 2027 and 2028, so we’re out 4 and 5 years now.”

And is staffing hospitals, too. “People who sign up to stay five years in the state of Mississippi, we pay their tuition for $6,000 a year for nurses for three years. We have a shortage of about 3,000 nurses.”

Elections are coming up on August 8th and if re-elected, Hosemann wants to continue paying down Mississippi’s debt, but also cut more taxes. “We want to look at the income tax and the grocery tax. We’ve got some data now about how the last one is working, and as we go into this next session, we’ll be able to look at both of those I think.”

Even with Chris McDaniel trying to unseat him in the primary, Hosemann feels confident heading into election season. “We get rave reports. People are happy about where the state is. They’re happy about paying off debt. They’re happy about the state being run like a business. Nobody else has a record, of any of our competitors, so we’re running on our record. And I think as I go around South Mississippi, we’re getting real favorable reports.”

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