Lt. Gov. Hosemann Sets Sights on Healthcare, Tax Cuts

Jackson, Miss. (MPB) – Healthcare, tax cuts and environmental issues are all topics that the Lt. Governor plans to tackle in the coming months. While all of these were discussed and debated by lawmakers in 2023’s session, he says the “work is not done.”

Following the Dobbs decision, Hosemann tapped a committee of senators to focus on the well-being of women and children in the state. Hosemann hopes to establish something similar for healthcare as a whole to confront hospital closures and disparities in access to care.

“And during the last few months, I’ve discussed it in detail, but I believe healthcare is a salient point for the legislature this year and we need to go find out what’s going on in healthcare.”

Hosemann is also chairing the Legislative Budget Committee this year, which works to draft recommendations for the state budget. He says he hopes to see more progress on promises made by state leaders on tax cuts, both to groceries and income.

“You know, realistically, we have to absorb about a $525 million tax cut,” he said. “I think we were over about 690 million this year. So you can do the math and you know, that would have left us another 150 million or so that we would have had before the tax cut.”

The legislative budget committee will begin meeting next month.

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