Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann Visits Coast for Legislative Debriefing

Gulfport, Miss. (WXXV) –

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann met with community leaders and government officials today in Gulfport to discuss the 2023 legislation session.

Hosemann said the legislature had more than $200 million allocated across the Mississippi Gulf Coast and will be available to spend July 1st.

Money will be used to fix harbors, create new roadways, and parking garages, and for education, and to overall regrow the Coast.

Lt. Gov. Hosemann says he’s excited for the economic growth and development that is happening on the Gulf Coast. “For example, in Gulfport, we’re building the ring-road just north of I-10 when you get on Highway 49 under I-10. Everybody knows that you go to Walmart, now we’ll have a road that goes all the way west to the next exit. That’s gonna open tens and dozens of acres for development.”

During the debriefing, Hosemann also shared that he’s ready for Mississippi to become the next leader in cybersecurity training.

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