Is Hosemann Running?

Vicksburg native Delbert Hosemann has yet to officially announce if he will run for lieutenant governor of Mississippi, but he sure sounded as if he has plans to seek a higher office while addressing the Vicksburg-Warren Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday.

Hosemann, who has been Mississippi’s Secretary of State since 2008, believes he has done all he can do for his state in his current role, but still feels there is work left undone.

The 70-year-old still has a desire to serve the people of Mississippi and told those gathered in the Vicksburg Convention Center: “When I get in a position to help y’all, I plan to do so.”

Tate Reeves, Mississippi’s current Lieutenant Governor, is expected to run for governor in 2019 since Phil Bryant is not allowed to seek a third term. That opens the door for Hosemann, who would preside over and wield control over the state Senate as lieutenant governor. He would definitely be in a position to help Vicksburg.

 Hosemann made it plain during his address at Wednesday’s luncheon other areas of Mississippi have benefitted from economic development and “now it’s Vicksburg’s turn.”He said Vicksburg has the right leadership in place and is going in the right direction in both economic development and improving schools to create a workforce necessary to drive our community.

We agree and believe Hosemann would make a great lieutenant governor for Mississippi —when he decides to make it official.

Source: Vicksburg Post