Hosemann’s Survey Shows Businesses Want a More Educated Workforce

Jackson, Miss (WJTV)

A new survey from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office indicate businesses want an educated workforce but don’t have people to fill the jobs.

More than 5,600 businesses responded to the survey and found despite record number of jobs available there aren’t enough people to fill them.

“This is real solid data about where Mississippi is going and we need to pay attention,” Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said,

He adds, despite companies wanting skilled workers many companies have failed to reach out or don’t have access to educational institutions.

“You don’t want to get a young man or woman walking across a high school and give them a diploma and ask them what are you going to do now, we’re way late when we do that,” he said.

Hosemann says are beginning to understand the need to go and get employees.

“They are realizing that working pool we’re going to have to compete and the only way to compete is to get in these schools and get the best one out for us,” the Secretary said.

The results of the survey has been shared with state leaders and could be acted on in the new legislative session,

“I would encourage that member of the legislature to listen, this is over 5 percent of Mississippi businesses,” he said. “Every one of these questions was aimed at public policy part and they should be viewed as that.”