Hosemann Touts the Importance of Small Business at Campaign Stop in Meridian

Meridian, Miss. (Meridian Star)

Delbert Hosemann, the Secretary of State for Mississippi, made a stop Thursday in Meridian at Structural Steel Services, Inc. as part of a statewide campaign for his run as lieutenant governor.

Tommy Dulaney and Rebecca Combs-Dulaney, the president/CEO and vice presidents for public relations of Structural Steel, respectively, introduced Hosemann to the crowd of two to three dozen supporters.

“Some of this major work being done is going to Amazon in Bessemer (Alabama) and we’re hoping to get the next few bids from Amazon,” Combs-Dulaney said, gesturing to the steel work within the plant. “If you don’t think companies like Amazon are in Mississippi, you’re wrong. They’re here because of people like (Hosemann).”

Hosemann spoke of the importance of small businesses and workforce development beginning at local high schools and continuing at colleges such as Meridian Community College.

“My background was representing small businesses around me and I intend to assist East Mississippi,” Hosemann said. “So we’re training our children earlier for a meaningful career.”

Hosemann spoke about his newborn grandson, less than a week old, who made him think about the future of Mississippi and the opportunities within the state for future generations.

He made a commitment to raising the state’s labor participation, which sits at 55 percent, at least 1 percent a year by reaching out to unemployed youth, non-violent formerly incarcerated people and elsewhere.

“We want them working and staying out of trouble and paying taxes,” Hosemann said.