Hosemann Campaigns in Crossroads Area

Corinth, Miss. (Daily Corinthian) – Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann made his way to the Crossroads area this week to speak to the people about an educated workforce and structure in schools.

The Republican lieutenant governor candidate arrived at Pizza Grocery in Corinth for a joint Rotary and Civitan Club meeting on Wednesday. He met with many locals and discussed his plans as lieutenant governor, if elected.

Hosemann informed the crowd about an educated workforce, education and workforce training. The Republican stressed about how important it is to have structure in Mississippi schools.

“Structure provides leadership. If public schools don’t work out for the students, then we lose 92 percent of our workforce. That’s why it’s important,” said the candidate.

Hosemann also talked about what’s taking place in Mississippi schools. He said his main purpose for the visit was to inform the people in Northeast Mississippi about business and economic development.

“Northeast Mississippi is growing and becoming more prosperous, which is great for our state. We give the economic tools to our people so they can make good economic decisions,” said Hosemann. “We are the only state in the nation to have this.”

The candidate made it clear that Mississippi — not the Capitol — is running the counties.

“Most decisions in our state are made around the kitchen table and not in the Capitol,” he said.

The Civitan Club hosted the event at Pizza Grocery. Those who attended not only enjoyed listening to Hosemann speak about his plans, but they got to enjoy a meal and ask questions as well.

Corinth Mayor Tommy Irwin was present. He said he is very familiar with all the great things Secretary Hosemann has done for the state over the years.

“He is definitely one of the all time greats who has served as secretary of state. I’m sure he will continue to do that as lieutentant governor. I’m so glad he came here to speak to the people in Corinth,” said the mayor.

Senator Rita Parks also attended the event. She believed the visit was very successful.

“The mission was to visit city groups, development groups and various places in the community. I wanted Secretary Hosemann to experience Alcorn County and I’m so glad he was able to visit my district,” said Parks.

After leaving Corinth, Hosemann stopped by the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce and met with local officials and candidates. Rep. Bubba Carpenter was present.

He said Hosemann spoke about education, infrastructure and his workforce development plan.

“I find it to be quite fantastic how he wants to incorporate dual credit in the last year of high school,” said Carpenter. “When the kids graduate, they will already have one year of community college under their belt.”

Carpenter was also excited to hear how Hosemann’s plans to increase teacher’s pay in the state of Mississippi. He was also glad the lieuntenant governor candidate came to speak to the people of Tishomingo County.

“I truly believe he will do great things in office and I’m so glad he took the time to meet with the people here,” said Carpenter, a Burnsville native.

Once Hosemann left Burnsville, he went to a meet and greet in Booneville at the Health and Nutrition Center at the Northeast Mississippi Community College campus, where he met with local officials, community leaders, candidates and GOP members.

Rep. Tracey Arnold attended the meet and greet. He said Secretary Hosemann has been to Booneville several times.

“The fact he cares about the students and their education is very important. It’s always great to have an elected official who is knowledgeable about the colleges and schools,” said Arnold.

“It’s good to tie them into the community, the colleges and agencies in the area because you may need their assistance in the future.”

The Secretary of State left the Crossroads area and went to Baldwyn then later to Fulton. Prior to coming to Corinth, he made a few stops in Ripley.

Hosemann said he was glad to be able to meet with the great people in the Crossroads area.

“I am a huge supporter of Northeast Mississippi producing an educated workforce and I’ve always been a supporter of the Corinth School System,” said the candidate.

Hosemann faces Democrat Jay Hughes in the Nov. 5 general election.

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