Harrison County Received $78,000 for Ad Valorem Tax on Tidelands Land from SOS

Biloxi, Miss. (Gulf Coast News) –

The Secretary of State’s Office remitted $78,499.97 to Harrison County, and certain cities and schools impacted, today for 2018 ad valorem taxes for 10 Public Trust Tidelands parcels along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Public Trust Tidelands and submerged lands are property lying under waters naturally subject to tidal influence, and also include surface lands created from the artificial fill of State-held water bottoms. Because the lands are public and non-taxable, the State replaces ad valorem taxes which would normally be assessed and collected if the properties were in private hands. Miss. Code § 29-15-9. 

“The State has prioritized holding our Tidelands in trust for all Mississippians, but the Legislature is cognizant these lands also represent lost revenue for our local governments,” said Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, who serves as trustee of the property by law. “The check we are remitting today from Tidelands funds compensates these governmental entities and schools.”

For more information on Public Trust Tidelands, visit http://www.sos.ms.gov/Public-Lands/Pages/Public-Trust-Tidelands.aspx

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