Dozens of Supporters Show Up for Hosemann’s Delta Campaign Announcement

Greenwood, Miss. (Delta News)

Mississippi’s Secretary of State, paid a visit to the Delta this morning to meet with supporters, and residents in the community to make a special announcement.

Dozens of supporters filled the room as Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann came to Greenwood announcing his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor.

Hosemann says, “It’s a great day, we’ve been all over Mississippi, and we’ve had a wonderful response. As you can see here we’ve had hundreds of people to show up, and this is just the announcement.”

Serving for Secretary of State for 12 years, Hosemann says now he’s ready to move on. In his 20 minute speech, he touched on topics such as infrastructure, and an educated workforce.

“We’ve been blessed to raise a billion dollars for public education since we started. We’ve gotten business laws right in Mississippi. We got voter ID through and now everybody thinks it’s a great idea. Now it’s time to move on, and we’re going to start talking about an educational workforce which is critical here in the Delta, that we can bring industries back here people to work here like Milwaukee Tools. We can do that elsewhere.”

Mayor Carolyn McAdams says she’s been awaiting the news of the announcement.

“Delbert Hosemann has been a really good Mississippian. He’s done great things in his role as Secretary of State. He supports Mississippi, he does great things for Mississippi, and more importantly he does great things for Greenwood. So when you do great things for your state it trickles down to all the cities, and municipalities.”

Walton Gresham, Supporter of Hosemann says, “He has done an excellent job of Secretary of State, he’s transformed that office. It’s so easy to do business in the State of Mississippi now if you are a corporation, and I expect the same thing out of him for the next 4 years as Lt. Governor. He will do a great job, he’s a great man, he’s dedicated to the State of Mississippi. I can’t think of anyone I rather have as Lt Governor than Delbert Hosemann.”