NFIB Mississippi PAC Endorses Hosemann for Lt. Governor

Jackson, Miss. (NFIB) – The NFIB Mississippi PAC has endorsed Delbert Hosemann for lieutenant governor. The political action committee is comprised exclusively of NFIB members in Mississippi, and its endorsement is based on a survey of NFIB members throughout the state.

“Small business drives Mississippi’s economy, which is why we need leaders like Delbert Hosemann,” said Ron Aldridge, NFIB’s state director for Mississippi.

“Delbert Hosemann is the clear choice for Mississippi’s small businesses,” Aldridge said. “As secretary of state, Delbert Hosemann has shown our small business members that he’s a problem solver who holds true to his commitments. His innovative efforts provided access to highly valuable market and business data throughout our state that gives every Mississippian desiring to create, operate and grow their own business a greater opportunity for success.

“Throughout his career, Delbert Hosemann has sought and listened to the voice of Mississippi’s small businesses,” Aldridge said. “He successfully led the legislative efforts to cut the red tape for creating a business.

“Delbert Hosemann is an effective leader who gets results with the most efficient use of resources. He understands the challenges small businesses face, and he knows that when small business thrives, our communities do, too.

“This year’s election is critical to Mississippi’s future, which is why I am proud to announce the NFIB Mississippi PAC’s support for Delbert Hosemann as lieutenant governor.”

Today’s endorsement puts the considerable grassroots support of the state’s small businesses behind Hosemann’s campaign. Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to vote.

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Cash-on-Hand Listed at $2.73M in Final Month of Lt. Governor Campaign

Jackson, Miss.—With a month to go before the November 5 General Election, Lieutenant Governor candidate Delbert Hosemann is reporting a formidable $2.73 million in his campaign coffer.

Since July 1, Hosemann has raised $539,687.77 from individuals, businesses, and organizations. According to a campaign finance report released today, $2,733,977.93 cash-on-hand remains in Hosemann’s account as of September 30, 2019. The report detailed campaign finance activity from July 1 to September 30.

“As we travel the State, we’re getting great feedback about our plan for an even brighter Mississippi for our children and grandchildren. We’re staying positive and talking about our record of getting things done, and that is resonating with voters,” Hosemann said. “If Mississippians choose to hire me for the job, I’ll be ready to hit the ground running in January on healthcare, education, and growing our economy.”

As a steadfast conservative who spent most of his career as a businessman in the private sector, Hosemann’s platform touches several major areas centered on growing Mississippi’s economy. These include: refocusing on skills training and increasing the State’s educated workforce; reducing unnecessary regulations and streamlining state government; encouraging small business and start-up growth; shoring up aging infrastructure; and improving access to healthcare and improving health outcomes.

Hosemann announced his campaign for Lieutenant Governor in early January with a three-day tour to businesses in Vicksburg, Brookhaven, Columbus, DeSoto County, Greenwood, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Rankin County, Tupelo, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Since then, Hosemann and his wife, Lynn—along with campaign staff and dozens of volunteers—have been on the road participating in forums, roundtables, festivals, and other events across the State.

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State: Funeral home in Mississippi used caskets cheaper than agreed upon

Ripley, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi funeral home has been fined $10,000 for what authorities say was an illegal practice of burying people in cheaper caskets than planned before their deaths.

News outlets report Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann issued a statement Tuesday detailing the practice by Ripley Funeral Services LLC.

The statement says the Ripley funeral home substituted plastic burial containers for concrete ones eight times between 2017 and 2018. It says the parlor also substituted different color caskets than what preneed policy owners chose about 20 times between 2016 and 2018.

Funeral home attorney Tony Farese says many of the swaps were made to accommodate relatives of the deceased, and all state law violations were made out of compassion for grieving families. He says a disgruntled employee reported the swaps.

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BIPEC Names Delbert Hosemann ‘Best for Business & Jobs’

Jackson, Miss. (BIPEC) – The Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC) has named Delbert Hosemann as “Best for Business and Jobs.” BIPEC reviews backgrounds and key positions of candidates and disseminates research findings to members and educates its membership on the impact that elected officials could have on economic growth and Mississippi employers.

“Since first being elected as Secretary of State in 2007, Delbert Hosemann has worked tirelessly to make Mississippi more business-friendly and more attractive for economic development. He will continue those efforts as Lt. Governor,” said Derek Easley, BIPEC President & CEO. “Secretary Hosemann has a strong record of supporting free enterprise and job creators in our state.”

BIPEC is a 501c6 membership organization founded in 1980 by Mississippi’s business and professional leaders. BIPEC is a nonprofit association comprised of individuals, trade associations, and companies who unite to protect and advance free enterprise through research, education, and member action. BIPEC disseminates credible research findings to BIPEC members, educates BIPEC’s membership network on the impact that legislator and judge-made decisions have on Mississippi’s economic growth, business attractiveness and general prosperity of the State’s employers.

New Ad Features Coast Sheriffs, Touts Hosemann’s Dedication to Miss. Gulf Coast

Pascagoula, Miss.—Two Mississippi Gulf Coast sheriffs take leading roles in Delbert Hosemann’s latest ad for Lieutenant Governor.

The spot is a spin on Hosemann’s iconic commercial from his 2007 run for Secretary of State, which played on his unique name to inform viewers of his record and goals if elected.

“We’re here to talk to you about our friend ‘Gilbert’ Hosemann for Lieutenant Governor,” Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell says.

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson corrects Ezell: “It’s Delbert, Sheriff.”

The two go on to talk about Hosemann’s commitment to the Coast and to law enforcement.

During his three terms as Secretary of State, Hosemann has turned back more than $100 million for projects on the Gulf Coast through Tidelands leases, and acquired and conserved thousands of acres of land for future generations.

As State Land Commissioner, Hosemann continues to fight for answers about the operation of the Bonnet Carré Spillway, which recently caused a spike in the death of marine life in the Mississippi Sound.

“‘Gilbert’ cares about the Coast as much as we do,” Ezell concludes.

The General Election is November 5, 2019. For more information about Hosemann’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, visit

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New Lt. Governor TV Ad Focuses on Hosemann’s Record

Jackson, Miss.—In a new ad released today, Delbert Hosemann makes it clear why voters should select him as their next Lieutenant Governor: his proven record of getting things done.

Hosemann recounts his accomplishments in his three terms as Secretary of State including modernizing Mississippi’s business laws, raising almost $1 billion for public schools through 16th Section land leases, and overseeing the implementation of a constitutional Voter ID law to protect the integrity of elections.

Now, Hosemann says in the 30-second spot, it is time to look to the future.

“I’m a conservative, and I care about leaving a better-educated, healthier, and more prosperous Mississippi,” Hosemann says, providing that his focus if elected will be on creating good-paying jobs, supporting public education, increasing access to healthcare, and shoring up infrastructure.

“And when I make you a promise, I keep it,” Hosemann concludes.

The General Election is November 5, 2019. For more information about Hosemann’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, visit

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Lt. Governor Candidate Delbert Hosemann Proposes Savings Plan to Raise State Employee Salaries

Clarksdale, Miss.—State employees would receive up to a 3 percent pay increase under a plan outlined by Lieutenant Governor candidate Delbert Hosemann in the Mississippi Delta today. The raise would be funded by saving 1 percent in administrative and overhead expenses in almost every State agency. Education, Mental Health, Child Protective Services, Corrections, and District Attorneys/Trial Judges would be exempt.

“We are not talking about cutting personnel or services; we are talking finding efficiencies,” said Hosemann, who is currently serving as Secretary of State. “Our State employees are underpaid, making it difficult to attract and retain workers. We need to send savings realized home in our employees’ paychecks.”

In the 2019 Legislative Session, legislators authorized their first across-the-board raise for employees in several years. The raise was intended to move positions closer to the relevant market rate, so employees received either a position realignment amount, if the amount to reach market rate was less than 3 percent, or a 3 percent increase. Hosemann’s plan would repeat this approach.

Similar proposals in other states have reaped more than anticipated savings.

“Our State employees have earned a well-deserved raise,” Hosemann said.

For more information about Hosemann’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, visit

Hosemann’s Infrastructure Plan Puts Power to Raise Funds in Voters’ Hands

Petal, Miss. – Funds to fix local roads and bridges in disrepair would receive a boost under a plan detailed today by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, who is running for Lieutenant Governor. Hosemann discussed the plan at Dunn Roadbuilders in Petal.

Hosemann’s proposal would allow voters in a county to opt to implement a user fee on gasoline and diesel from two to six cents per gallon for roads and bridges in their communities. Money generated by the fee would be in addition to funds already received for local infrastructure.

Under the plan, a majority of county supervisors would vote to place the local option on the next General Election ballot. The option would specify to voters the projects that funds would be allocated toward, and the fee increase would sunset after those projects were completed.

“Right now, we have more than 420 local bridges closed due to disrepair. Our counties and communities need solutions, and this proposal puts the power in the hands of the voters, where it belongs,” Hosemann said. “Mississippi should be run from the counties and not in the Capitol.”

Under the plan, all of the money generated by a local option would go directly to the county to be shared with municipalities, without any reduction from the State, for repair and maintenance on existing roads and bridges. Funds could not be used for equipment, new construction, salaries, or other costs. They also could not be used to reduce current county road and bridge expenditures.

A bill passed during the 2018 Special Session, the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act, addressed some concerns, but more funds are needed to ease infrastructure woes. Other states have successfully implemented a local option user fee on gasoline.

For more information about Hosemann’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, visit

Endorsement Statement from Former SOS Eric Clark

Jackson, Miss. – “Delbert Hosemann has been an excellent Secretary of State. In particular, he has required strong management of our public lands – 16th Section lands to support our public schools, and Tidelands on the Gulf Coast. That is a subject that is very close to my heart. I know he will do the same as Lieutenant Governor, and I’m going to vote for him on November 5.”

The General Election is November 5, 2019. For more information about Hosemann’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, visit

OPINION: Thumbs Up for Hosemann’s Infrastructure Plan

Tupelo, Miss. (Daily Journal) – Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, laid out several new initiatives Friday, one focused on infusing counties and cities with funds necessary to repair deteriorating roads and bridges.

To provide aid for local roads and bridges, Hosemann said he would consider allowing counties the power to raise the tax on their own, an initiative we support.

“What I’m going to propose is a local option use tax,” Hosemann said. “That means that every county will be able to determine whether or not they want to raise taxes on gasoline diesel or gasoline. I want to push our money back to the counties.”

Hosemann supports allowing a local option user fee on gasoline from two to six cents a gallon. The option would include the legal requirement that all money raised would go directly to the county and would be used only on repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure, not equipment, new construction, salaries, or other costs.

We support this idea and believe it should be voted on at the local ballot box with a defined list of projects presented to the community prior to being placed on the ballot. The list should be based on projected collections over a defined period of time, such as five years, with all money collected only being used for those approved at the ballot box.

During the 2018 Special Session, the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act was passed and addresses some of these infrastructure concerns. The Act ensures that “an amount equal to a portion of the use tax revenue collected under the Mississippi use tax law” is distributed to municipalities to support the “repair, maintenance and reconstruction” of their roads, streets and bridges. It also provides for a portion of use tax revenue collected to be deposited into the local system bridge replacement and rehabilitation fund.

“Right now, more than 430 local bridges are closed because they are too dangerous to travel on and there are thousands of miles of local roads which are in need of caretaking,” Hosemann said. “This is an economic and public safety problem because our employees cannot get to work, our products cannot get to market, our children cannot get to school safely, and our counties need solutions.”

This initiative puts the power in the hands of the counties, and we believe the voters, where it should be, to decide what additional infrastructure resources are needed.

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