Tough on Crime

Delbert Fought to Add 3 New Prosecutors in DeSoto County,

McDaniel Didn’t Show Up to Vote on the Bill

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann advocated to add three additional prosecutors in DeSoto County and secure additional resources for our district attorneys.

Chris McDaniel didn’t show up to vote for the bill.

Under Delbert’s leadership, the Mississippi Senate also fought to crack down on crime and support law enforcement by:

  • Increasing mandatory minimum sentences when criminals flee law enforcement or commit carjacking or armed carjacking;
  • Making it easier to prosecute terroristic threats which make our schools and communities unsafe; and
  • Creating a registry for offenders who embezzle or misappropriate public funds—and preventing them from handling public funds again for at least five years after conviction or their date of release, whichever is later.

Delbert knows the battle our cities and counties are facing to keep our families and communities safe.

Vote to re-elect Delbert Hosemann as Lt. Governor on August 8.

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