Mississippi Senate Tax Cut Plan

The Mississippi Senate Tax Cut Plan

The Mississippi Senate Tax Cut Plan:

  • Provides true¬†tax cut with no sales tax increase. Inflation is hurting Mississippi families and raising the sales tax will only put a bigger strain on stretched budget.
  • Provides an immediate reduction in the grocery tax. The inflation rate is rising now and Mississippi families need tax relief now.
  • Provides a guaranteed reduction in the income tax over the next four years. The Senate Tax Cut Plan does NOT depend on a complicated formula with growth triggers that may never occur.
  • Is not reliant on one-time federal funds sent to the state by the federal government. Conservatives moved Mississippi away from using one-time money to pay for recurring expenses years ago and we don’t want to return to that.
  • Still allows the state to invest in education, infrastructure, healthcare, workforce development and other vital government services.

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