Delbert Runs State Government Like a Business

Fiscal Responsibility, Efficiency Highlight Hosemann’s Administration

Drawing on his experience as a businessman in the private sector, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann said when he ran for the office in 2019 that he would make state government leaner and more efficient.

Four years later, under Hosemann’s leadership, Mississippi has significantly paid down its debt, downsized state personnel, and implemented a plan to retain high-performing employees.

Hosemann’s first 30-second spot in his bid for re-election highlights these achievements.

“While states like California are facing billions in debt, we are paying off the state credit card, putting money in our savings account, and cutting taxes,” Hosemann said. “Running our state like a business means we can put taxpayer money back in taxpayer pockets without neglecting necessary investments like the maintenance of our roads and bridges.”

Since January 2020, when Hosemann took office, the number of state employees has decreased by about 2,300. Almost 5,700 unnecessary “pins,” or authorized positions at state agencies, have been eliminated.

With the Legislature’s support, the State Personnel Board simultaneously implemented a plan to realign salaries within state government to be more competitive and reward high-performers.

Additionally, the state has paid down more than $500 million in debt. The Legislature has not authorized new bonds in two years, saving on interest payments and improving Mississippi’s fiscal position.

Vote to re-elect Delbert Hosemann as our Lt. Governor on November 7.

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